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Obligatory first entry. More may or may not show up later.
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The kids are setting up to play Stratego.

Me: Matthew is pretty good at Stratego.
Chris: He only beat me once
Matthew: More than once. It was twice. No, three times
Chris: Oh yeah

Later followed by
Chris: (to Matthew) You know what? I can undermine your society if I capture all your dwarves.
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Found while Wikistumbling to the article "Body Shot", which has a detailed descrition of licking alcohol off people's bodies, and then commenting on how it is arousing and foreplay.

So at the bottom, right above the stub line? Someone added

This cocktail-related article is unnecessarily creepy. You can help Wikipedia by finding someone less creepy to edit it.



Feb. 26th, 2009 07:43 pm
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This poll is probably most of interest to paper and dice roleplayers, but everyone should play. I'm curious to see just how many dice it's (a)typical for people to own.

Feel free to link or repost this poll in your own journals (by pasting "<lj-poll-1356329>" into an entry where you'd like it to appear), as more data makes the results betterer.

[Poll #1356329]
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So we aparently had a power surge today while I was at work. Lovely... after all these days of power DROPS, we get a surge.

I get home to discover that this surge had some longer term effects.

Long story short... my Xbox Media Center is fried. Kaput. Deader than death. This is a bloody pain in the ass for various reasons, as this was my media center. Replacing it wll cost about $80 (or more...)

But no, it doesn't stop there. My fucking Xbox 360 is fried as well! At least the power brick is... the light on it doesn't even light up when it's plugged in.
Most ridiculous part? Replacing the damn brick costs $100! I am not making this up. The power supply for a $200 system will cost me $100. This is just... so very not cool.

This is assuming that my 360 itself isn't fried... without a working power supply, I can't tell!

I don't have this kind of money after the holidays. Fuck this motherfucking fuckfuck.


Jan. 1st, 2009 04:30 am
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So my Christmas gift from the ever wonderful [ profile] lady_zip arrived yesterday, just in time for New Years.

Behold! I am now the dorky posessor of...

Le Woot! Pure Hematite.

As this order was sent from, they included an item of "Mystery Swag" with it. In this case, it was a CD of paper miniatures!
It's a physical CD of this product bundle.
Simply print, cut and stand up to have easy figs for play. For an example of what they look like, a free sample is available here.

Not the most useful as I'm not playing an offline game right now, but still pretty nifty!
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As many of you know, every 4 months we have a "shift bid" at work. A new set of schedules is made up. Then we all bid on what schedules we want for the next 4 months by seniority.

While I did not get an ideal schedule this time around, I am pretty content with what I did manage to get this time.

Monday, Tuesday, Friday - 1:45pm to 8:15pm
45 minutes earlier than before... not a huge deal. Not on the weekend, but I may fix that with extra shifts.

The key here is Tuesday Wednesday off. Diaz has Tuesday and Wednesday off. This means we both have the same weekend, allowing us to do many more things.

Or, most likely, just play twice as much D&D.

Yeah, we're special that way.

Officially starts on Jan 11th, so I'm working

Monday the 5th
Wednesday the 7th
Saturday the 10th
Monday the 12th
Tuesday the 13th
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Matthew, age 8 and Christopher,. age 10 are having mock kung fu battles instead of cleaning their room. Typical.

Matthew: I know Christopher's weak spot! Wedgies!!!

Only boys...
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Jun. 4th, 2008 01:14 pm
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Gone camping.

Back in a week.
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"Jayne, your mouth is talking. You might wanna look to that."
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Very tired. I sleep now.

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Alexis, Reg, Chris and Matthew have gone to Jellystone, I mean Yellowstone National park for the week.

Alli: so they are watching scooby doo and I am typing to you
Alli: Matthew read his first phonics book
The Squishy: I'm waiting on Diaz
Alli: and chris says he misses you.
Alli: :)
The Squishy: He misses me, and not video games?
Alli: yup
Alli: he says "I miss him, really"
The Squishy: Awwww
Alli: yup
Alli: Matthew took pictures of bison, and big horn sheep, and a bubbling hot pool
The Squishy: And what has Chris been doing?
Alli: talking
Alli: non stop
Alli: and looking out the window
Alli: and talking and talking
Alli: and using matthews camera
Alli: and playing with the 6 transformers I got them
Alli: and reading the local kids newspaper, and doing the wordsearches and stuff...and talking

Yeah, that sounds about right.


Alli: the boys are wrestling on the floor doing leg locks on each other
Alli: and making karate noises
Alli: (save me now)
Alli: now they are sticking their socks in each others faces
The Squishy: And this surprises you?
Alli: at least the socks are clean
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Thanks to [ profile] dashing, source of many random photos...

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Some of you may may remember a couple posts about a little game called Lexicon.

Well, we are almost read to BEGIN. All we need is YOU to join, and share your opinion on the theme of the game.

Just head on over here and sign up

We're waiting for you :)
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As a follow-up to the previous post, we've been working on sorting out some more details for the game.

For those who missed it, or who'd like a summary here: Lexicon is a game where players take on the role of revisionist scholars writing an encyclopaedia about some fictional setting, or event, or place. Each turn, players write encyclopaedia entries with topics that start with a particular letter; these entries must link to a previous entry (where such entries exist) and link to two as-yet unwritten entries. Entries may (and should!) disagree wildly on interpretations, but any fact given in an entry is true within the game world; your colleagues are misguided idiots, but are honest in their work.

Most people who answered the first poll seem to be happiest with using a wiki for the entries, and an LJ comm to sort out administrative and metagame stuff. To this end, we're currently planning to use to host the wiki, and to clean up and recycle apathy_games for the rest of it. (Don't join the comm just yet, though; we'll be clearing out the members list at the same time as the old entries.)

At the moment, we're mostly settled on the idea of players writing two entries each week - A and B, C and D, and so forth, which would make a game last about 13 weeks. The "rule of X" would also be used - on the W-X turn, the X article can instead begin with any letter at all.

For those who can't write their entries by the due dates (for whatever reason), stubs are perfectly acceptable, provided they meet the linking requirements. These stubs could then be filled in at a later time, but would have to agree with any facts posted in later entries.

Theme and genre are yet to be decided; what we'd like to do at the moment is see what you think of what we've got so far, find out who's probably going to play, and start trying to sort out a game topic that works for everyone.

To that end, if you're still interested in playing, please answer the poll below and post any other ideas or comments you have in the comments section.

To keep things organized, PLEASE DIRECT ALL COMMENTS HERE, Thanks!

[Poll #1109658]