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Birthdate:May 10
Location:Surrey, BC, Canada
Want to add me? FEEL FREE. No need to ask, or even inform me. I'll notice pretty quickly. However, if I don't know you from somewhere (like, oh, AMA), I'll be confused and not add you back unless you do inform me of the reason :)

I am Jayson Stevens.
Also Known As: Palmer, Palmer of the Turks, CrimsonDawn, muftak57 and assorted derivative nicknames.

Where you might know me from
[community profile] ask_me_anything - I'm the former cranky mod of post-it DOOM! :)
Yahoo! Groups (I'm on a lot of gaming groups)

Inactive (still affiliated with the site, but not an active or regular visitor):
Shinra Online (administrator)
Kingdom of Loathing

Defunct (site gone or haven't been there for ages):
Adolescent Adulthood / The Romance Forums
Teenage Chicken Soup - Religion forum
A Mystickal Grove IRC chat - #oldsouls
The RFs (moderator)
Evolution Writers

Current project: Deeds Not Words - d20 Superheroic Roleplaying Game, 2nd Edition.
Yeah, I'm doing that Indie RPG design thing.

What else do you want to know? Just ask, I don't bite (much)

Fucking everything is love. Stop it already.


Interests (147):

affection, alternative lifestyles, anime, board games, books, boondock saints, cadhla, canadianevil, castle, chai, choo-choo bear, chubby girls, compersion, computer games, computers, crazy ninja ranting, cryptosnark games, cuddling, cyberpunk, d&d, d20, debate, deeds not words, discordianism, dorks, dragons, dresden files, dungeons and dragons, ebenezer and snooch, equality, eris, evil hat, fantasy, fate 3, feminism, firefly, flirting, fnord, free stuff, friends, game design, games, gaming, garage sales, gay rights, geeks, george carlin, girls with glasses, glomping, good omens, green eyes, herbal tea, high weirdness, honesty, hugs, ia ia cthulhu fhtagn, imagination, in-depth conversations, indiana jones, insanity, inspired dipshittery, intellectual conversations, intelligence, internet, jim butcher, kisses, kissing, kittens, la femme nikita, lady_zip, love, mashed potatoes, mexican food, multipartner relationships, mythology, nail biting, neil gaiman, nerds, nifty, nightwish, ninja, ninjas, novels, occult, online roleplaying, open-mindedness, paganism, philosophy, pink boneless faucet kitties, polyamory, procrastinating, psychology, questions, quotes, ranting, reading, redheads, relationships, religion, respect, role playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpg design, rpgs, s*p, savage love, sci-fi, science fiction, seanan mcguire, sex, shadowrun, shinra, sleeping, snakes on a plane, snow crash, snuggling, soberloki, something positive, sotc, spirit of the century, spirituality, super heroes, sweet people, swords, tabletop roleplaying, tea, teaching, the arrogant worms, the cruxshadows, the crüxshadows, the dresden files, therfs, thunderstorms, toby daye, trivia, trust, two lumps, vancouver, video games, webcomics, weird transit stories, white ninja, wolves, writing, your mom
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