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I've recently discovered the collabarative writing game called Lexicon.

Lexicon is a game where players, in the role of scholars in a fictional setting, are collaboratively writing an encyclopaedia. There are twenty-six turns in a game of Lexicon, with each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.

The player whose turn it is must then write an encyclopaedia entry on a topic beginning with that letter. If undefined topics exist for that letter, they have to pick one of those; otherwise, they can make up one of their own. The entry must link to at least one previous entry (if any exist) and two undefined entries that begin with later letters (unless there's at least one undefined entry for every letter left in the game, in which case no new entries may be created).

Overall, the game can be fairly well described as a blend of role-playing, world-building and creative writing. It runs smoothest as a wiki, but could also be played on a Livejournal community.

(This entry pretty much is ripping [ profile] active_apathy off directly. It's even the same poll she posted. So if you happened to vote on it over there already, that's why you can't vote here. Same poll, different voting booth, so to speak)

In case you haven't realized, I'm looking for players. To that end...

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Dec. 13th, 2007 03:16 pm
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Applying to work at IBM?

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Somewhere along the line, I seem to have acquired a wife. Not in the legal sense, but really now.

See, it's my roommate, [ profile] catmcroy. Though we've only been living together a couple months, and haven't actually seen each other all that much in the years since we met... we might as well be married.

We tease and harass each other with stupid yet personal things normal people wouldn't dare. We finish each other's sentences. We steal food from each other's plates... I'd put down a half eaten chicken wing to take my turn in the game, and when I went back for it, it was gone! Lets not even get into my candy stash...

We call each other darling and dear, are protective of our respective tea stashes, help each other get through the day, wander around partially clad, share the chores, argue like an old married couple. If you saw us out in public together, you would never in a million years think we were just friends. Especially with the way she spends my money. Heh.

We share intensely personal things we wouldn't tell anyone else. We have our own separate friends, yet seem to know all the same people. Then again, that could just be attributed to the nature of the Vancouver subculture scene :)

Pretty much we're just really comfortable together, despite the little time we've had. And it shows. For an accidental roommate, I can't imagine having done much better.

And, like all old married couples... we sleep in separate bedrooms. The "marriage" doesn't go that far... but then, the majority of them don't :p


Oct. 19th, 2007 01:26 am
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Too bad they can't just overlook things at work.

Saw a work buddy on the bus while I was hanging with Diaz last night. He says that I'm quite missed on shift.

Moreso, the team lead I was under is having a VERY hard time finding someone to take over my responsibilities.

We have 3 people left in our division on grave. One is still inexperienced, one isn't reliable and the last one isn't overly confident and moreso, has no interest in the role.

The unreliable one could do the job... but he's planning to work hard to prove he's competent and reliable enough for it. Heh.

It's a really nice feeling that I was important enough at work that my absence is causing problems.

But I'd still rather just be there.
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I got fired last night.

Yippe-ki-yay motherfucker.

PS: As soon as I posted this, LJ emails me to say my paid account is expiring in 12 days.
Go figure

PPS: So I go and hit random on winamp for some music.

Blind Melon - No Rain.

How utterly, depressingly appropriate.

Bite me, universe.
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Moving is always such an interesting experience. Transitions tend to be hard on people, and ones like moving your home can be especially stressful. Even if one is dissatisfied with their living arrangements, moving to a more desirable location can still be upsetting.

The old locale is familiar, and familiarity is the core of comfort. You may not like it, but it's still comfortable because it's home. Any new domicile takes time to adjust to, a period of discomfort as you adapt to an alien dwelling.

There are many rituals people use to help acclimate themselves to a new home. For many, it is decorating - the act of putting ones personal stamp on the house, imposing your personality on an otherwise neutral space.

Others prefer activity, typically the venerated "housewarming party". By preparing food, having guests, and saying to all and sundy "this is my home", words can be made into reality.

Though I have unpacked a few things already, they were all new acquisitions. Dishes and cookware, as I will once again need such things. While they are my possessions, they are not yet "mine". These do not a home make. All of my other, older, more personal possessions remain packed.

Despite this, last night, I took the first step to making my new suite into my home. It was an intensely personal act, one laden with symbolism and personal association. It was a singular act I commit only in my home, and thus it places a stamp on the new space as a result of that.

It may seem minor, but the meaning behind it is significant.

Last night, I threw my dirty laundry on the floor. And left it there.

It's still there this morning. It may stay there all week.

And that, my friends, is what makes a house a home.
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So we're moving into a bigger place, finally. Long overdue. It's a single house, with a separate basement suite, which I'm taking.

So I'll have a 2 bedroom basement to myself. Yay. Of course, I have a job which lets me afford such an extravagant accomodation as well. Very comforting.

On top of that, I'm acquiring an entire furniture set. Once the money comes in, Alexis and Reg are upgrading much of their furniture, and the rest comes to me extra cheap.

Queen size bed with dense foam mattress. Leather sofa and loveseat. 40-something inch TV with stand. Dressers and tables. Coffee table. Good price too. This is going to save much craigslisting.

We'll probably be moved before the end of the month - we get keys next week.

Now to host games and parties!
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Hey yo everyone. I'm sure several of you have missed me chatting lately. Things have just been kinda crazy around here recently, lots of stuff going on. On top of that, I've been really beat after work lately, so most of my home time has been spent asleep. I pretty much pass out just after getting home, and wake up with enough time to shit, shave and shower (if even that) before heading off to work. Hell, I haven't even eaten at home for the last several days, I don't have time.

I'll be back eventually. You can always email me though.

Our kitty

Jun. 9th, 2007 10:18 am
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Our kitty knows her name. And comes when called.

She also fetches. Herrattly catnip mousey. Throw it and she's off like a rocket. Pounce! Bat! Chew!

And then brings it back to you.

Whee, kitty


May. 30th, 2007 11:45 am
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Happy now you demanding people?

This is Ivy.

Ivy is rambunctious. She's a born mouser. Picked her catnip mouse out herself at the store.

She visciously assaults it on a near constant basis when not being snuggled. She also climbs like a monkey. EVERYTHING. Apparently she made it onto the top shelf (6 feet up) in Alexis's closet this morning by climbing her dresses.

She purrs on contact, and is pretty much pure darling.

What more needs be said?
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We have not picked up the kitty yet. We have kitty on hold pending the gathering of currency.

Once we have brought kitty home, there will be pictures.

Once there are pictures, there will be another post with said kittypix in it.

Be patient, you rabid pack of cat-owned humans :p
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Interesting trip home after D&D last night. [ profile] winterlion dropped me at the Skytrain because he was low on gas and I was too far out of his way - no problem. Caught the last bus back here at 2am - drops me up at the loop, so it's a 15 or so minute walk home.

So there's this short girl on the bus, and she's completely PLASTERED. Wobbly, loud, and very friendly. She's talking to some guys in the back while I'm playing on the GB. This one kid kept trying to hit on her. He was 17, and kept asking her if she went for younger guys (she was 23).

Underaged punks trying to pick up drunken chicks on the last bus of the night?


So she notices me, and starts talking to me... whatever. She's calling home to see if she can get a ride, and her boyfriend won't pick her up, so she has to walk. I'm a bit concerned at this point, as it's 2:30am in Surrey, and this girl can't even sit up straight.

So we get off the bus, and ask her where she's going. If it's not too far, I was gonna walk her home. Turns out she's going to 68th and 132nd. I'm at 70th and 132.

Her name was Shannon, and she was a very entertaining drunk. She had that supernnatural girl skill of being so drunk she couldn't walk straight, and yet could RUN in 3 inch heels without a problem. She would babble endlessly about all sorts of incoherent things, hug me at random, do pirouettes, tell me how I was such a great guy for walking her home, and call her boyfriend every five minutes and try to get him to come out and meet her.

Eventually some guy on a bike was going by, and went "You're all pretty hammered, huh?" and she demanded he stop and turn around. So he did. She went "Hey, is your name Ryan?"

It was. He was trying to figure out who she was. When he got closer, she peered at him and declared "I have no idea who you are, but you look like my friend Ryan!" Turns out they didn't know each other at all. Kinda freaky though.

So she gets home, and her boyfriend FINALLY comes out to get her. He's giving me the evil eye. He looked like a mexican gangster - joy. I just tell him I was making sure she got home, and then I left.

It certainly made for an entertaining walk home.
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How could I have forgotten the biggest highlight of BOTH nights working there?


We're working outside, and it rained both nights. ABout 2 hours saturday night, and almost 5 hours last night.

Nobody was dressed for the rain. Several guys made improvised slickers out of the industrial superthick drywall bags we had laying around.

I'm awake now and sore as HELL.
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I hereby take back everything I said yesterday about my hours. I'm not even going to complain to Target about it.

I'm GLAD we didn't stay for all 12 hours. As last night, I was doing well at the 8 hour mark. By 9.5, it was as if the world had dropped out from under me. Second wind? Ha. All my winds were blown away.

I was lethargic, dizzy, nauseous and had a killer headache. One of the other guys was in similar bad shape. Another guy told us to just take a break, we looked so bad. It was bad.

We got in 11 hours. Mostly due to the fact we got a third bin tonight (for all the non-brick/rubble garbage). I'm barely alive. Unless someone gives me a mind-bogglingly compelling argument as to why I should go back tonight (besides "they're expecting you"), I'm just gonna stay home and HEAL.

Highlights of the night.

We got 20 gallon plastic buckets to haul rubble in. But the bottoms are so slim that even half full, they were cracking and brekaing. Within half an hour, 2 of the 4 buckets were broken and useless. Yeah.

McDonalds gave us free coffee and hot chocolate. That was nice.

Foreman is still an abrasive idiot.

Got a ride home even though train started running 20 minutes after we were done.

I'm not the only one not coming back Monday night.

The battery on the boom lift died. (Un)Fortunately, one of the guys had jumper cables and got it going again.

Overall, the night is best described as one big mongolian clusterfuck. Never again.

UGH. Good riddance. I need sleep.
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Management is incompetent.

First off, no asbestos. Yay. They did that earlier this week. Instead, I'm hauling brick. Fuck.

See, when we knocked down all the walls, we had to stack all the 30 pound cinder blocks up in the rooftop courtyard outside where we were working.
But we can't leave them there forever. So the plan is to ferry them by hand through a tiny litte door, across the roof, and to the edge.
We then loaded them into a boom lift, who lowered them down and dumped them in big bins for that purpose.

This is all fine and well, except for the part about my forearms begging to be chopped off because they can't take carrying those blocks in one hand each.

But then we have a problem! A quite simple one really. We only got 2 bins to dump bricks into.


We have a HELL of a lot more than 2 bins worth of bricks to do. Not to mention all the rubble, and then the scrap metal and wood.

So we fill the two bins. And then because we can't work anymore, we go home. After only 8 hours.

Not 12. Not overtime. 2am.

I'm livid. I cancelled plans this weekend to take these shifts. I only agreed to do these night shifts BECAUSE they were 12 hours, and thus OT and all that. I do not want to be working till just 2am. Fuck that shit.

We finished work and I'm still WIRED. I can still carry blocks fine. My basic stamina is good to go (just not my forearms). I stayed up late and slept in so I'd be awake at the right time, buggered my whole weekend... for 8 hours.

If I wanted 8 hours, I'd have worked next week. During the day.

The foreman fucked up - but he's proven very good at that in general. He didn't get us enough bins to do the work we needed to do. We barely got through half the bricks, and there's still rubble on top of that. And so we get shorted hours.

At least he drove me all the way home at 2am. Saved [ profile] sunlit_mists having to come get me - the original plan because the train isn't running until 8am on sunday mornings.

I'm back tonight... of course. I commited to the shift, I'm gonna do it. But Target WILL be hearing about this, because I am livid. I only took this on the basis it was 12 hours. Of course, it's not Target's fault, and they can't really do anything about it, but I am lodging a formal complaint. They had FIVE temps out there for this 12 hour shift, and we're all grumpy about it.

Bah. Sleep.
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Went in to Target to get my paycheque today. They asked me if I wanted to work with Abba this weekend. OK...

"The shift would be 6pm to 6am, Saturday and Sunday night"

GUH. I tell them I have to think about itand I'll call them back.

It's a pair of TWELVE HOUR shifts, overnight, two days in a row. With the demo company... the same work that's been responsible for me coming home and instantly falling asleep after only 7 hour shifts.

On top of that? The work will be removing ASBESTOS. If you don't understand how that's a bad thing, you should go wiki it.

But it'll pay well. Ten fifty an hour, when I usually only make 9. And it's guaranteed overtime, possibly doubletime if we run late.

So I thought about it. And decided to do it. It's pretty much a week full of work (for me) in 2 nights.

I plan to spend next week asleep. But it'll be worth it, I guess.